Candlewood Counseling - Kate Amoss, MA in Archetypal Psychology, LCPC
So what is InterPlay?

  • An impossible to describe set of sneaky deep tools to unlock the wisdom of the body using movement, story, voice, and stillness
  • A philosophy and set of improvisational forms that were created by Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter in Oakland, California (
  • An international community of body intellectuals with centers in Australia, India, Africa, South America, and the United States.
  • A practice that integrates mind, body, and spirit and makes you feel whole -- even when you have forgotten what wholeness feels like.
Something that you have to try at least once!

InterPlay Offerings in the Washington DC Area

Life Practice Program 2019-20 led by Kate Amoss 
  • For individuals who wish to learn the InterPlay System

Secrets of InterPlay 2019 led by Kate and Billy Amoss
  • For individuals who would like to explore InterPlay more deeply
  • This is part of the Life Practice Program 
  • September 19-22, 2019
  • Can be taken without intention to do the rest of the Life Practice Program
  • Four-day event
  • Expand your possibilities
  • Contact Kate at 301-593-3010 or

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